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Sends only one message on each connection

Jul 22, 2010 at 7:21 PM

I all!

This is very strange but started happening suddenly in 38 and continue happening in 39.

I start the Bridge with Windows, and I maintain my Opera connected all the day. I receive new posts, but I have trouble sending my responses. In fact, I can send only one message after a program start. That is, if program started time ago, messages remains in outbox. The only way to send a message is open the bridge, stop it, start it and immediatly after that, resend the message in outbox. And only one message. If I have more than one message in Outbox, I need to repeat the stop/start task to send it. And only a little seconds after started, because if Bridge has started time ago without sending any message, none is sent until I stop/start the Bridge...