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No defaults for Article Converter? (V.19)

Jun 1, 2010 at 12:28 AM

I have installed V.19 over V.8  and had a few problems.   First, running the login took two tries.  I tried giving my User name and User email but it appears it didn't stick.   Unfortunately I didn't look closely enough at the Tools, Advanced Options, menu to notice, in particular that Domain name is also blank.  If I had noticed this I might have stopped to fill it in with the previous "domain name" that was being used in V.8.  At least this is my explanation for observing that now new Message-ID are constructed solely as  <GUID@> and hence don't satisfy any existing Message-ID as References to allow new messsages to thread properly in among old ones.   ; *

I'll try setting this up again and work with one of the sandboxes to figure out what workarounds are available.   I think I may have to reset the newsgroups that I corrupted with the mismatched Message-ID but I can test that too to assess how much confusion there might be on the web when trying to use them.   One potential workaround for existing threads would be copying the quoted material from one of the bad messages into a reply generated for the existing OP (assuming I can set the Article Converter's DomainName value to match the old value).   As for trying to reply to threads which only have bad Message-ID I think I had better just mark them Ignored to remind myself to reply to them only via the web.   However, after that it could be interesting seeing how a reply to that reply could be done within the grouped posts...  ; )

Caveat emptor.  ; }


Jun 4, 2010 at 7:51 PM

There is an issue with this, at least a quirk which needs to be documented.   Changes made in the UI, even before Start is used are only effective after the app is recycled.