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This is the markup guide for the plain/text converter.
You can post articles in your newsreader in plain/text with the following markups and it will be displayed as html in the web-forum. Also it will convert any web-forum articles back into plain/text.

Markup Guide


Here is a list of markups which will be converted:
  • *bold*
  • /italic/
  • _underline_
  • Blockquotes will be automatically generated from "> " at the beginning of lines
  • Code Tags for formatting source code: [c#]...[/c#], [cpp]...[/cpp], [vbnet]...[/vbnet], [sql]...[/sql], [html]...[/html], [code]...[/code], [code=cpp]...[/code]; you should write the code-tags an a separate line!
  • Links beginning with http.. will automatically be converted into clickable links on the forum


  1. Open Advanced Settings Dialog
  2. Open UserDefinedTag Collection Editor
  3. Insert or edit items

TagName: Name of tag (e. g. KB)
HtmlText: Replacement for html view in the forum


TagName: CSFAQ
HtmlText : <a href="{TEXT}">FAQ {TEXT}</a>

Text in newsreader: [CSFAQ]1.1[/CSFAQ]
Text in forum (html-source): <a href="">FAQ 1.1</a>

TagName: MSDN
HtmlText : <a href="{TEXT1}">MSDN: {TEXT2}</a>

Text in newsreader: [MSDN=kx37x362]Visual C#[/MSDN]
Text in forum (html-source): <a href="">MSDN: Visual C#</a>

TagName: IMG
HtmlText : <img src="{TEXT}" />

Text in newsreader: [IMG][/IMG]
Text in forum (html-source): <img src="" />

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jrich523 Feb 24, 2012 at 12:59 PM 
how do you escape a char? for example i tried to write this code

get-process *note* which will find any process with note in the processname, however because the bridge encodes anything between ** it removes the * and makes it bold.

JosefP Jun 15, 2010 at 1:40 PM 
Was the plain text converter enabled?