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Unable to download the newsgroup list

You need to enable the NNTP Bridge in your user profile of the msdn and/or answers forum.
See next chapter:

If you only want to use "Answers" or "Socials" (Msdn, Technet, Microsoft, Expression), you can disable the one you do not need. Go to "Tools | Advanced user settings..." and in category "Web-Service" you can disable the entry you want.

Error message: 503 program fault - command not performed System.ServiceModel.FaultException: User Profile Not Found

There seems to be a problem with your LiveId authentication on the forum. Are you sure, you have used the correct LiveId?
Be sure you have disabled the "LiveId auto login" (Tools | Disable LiveId auto login)! Then restart the bridge!
After the restart the LiveIid login dialog appears: Please enter the correct LiveId username/password.
You also need the same LiveId for both forums (answers and socials)!
Please be sure, you use the same LiveId for all forums and have activated the "Use NNTP bridge" on all accounts:

Use "My threads" feature of your client (enter the correct username and email)

Be sure you have installed release V33 or later.
Then you just need to post one time to the forum (for example to Msdn.en-US.msdnsandbox), then your userid and email will be automatically detected and all subsequent articles from the forum will automatically contains your email address. This allows your newsreader to support features like "My Threads".
But please be sure, that you have specified a well-formed email address; otherwise we are not able to detect the email address!

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