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Poor Performance Continues

Feb 14, 2011 at 9:35 PM

I've been using this bridge with Agent 6 for quite a while (I'm actually not quite sure what the first version I used was; I'm currently using 1.1.43), and tolerating the slow download of messages.  However, with some recent line problems, it suddenly went from taking two hours to download all new messages (with several groups timing out along the way) to taking six hours with many timeouts to not completing the task at all, with many-many timeouts.  The line problems appear to have been corrected, but I am still having the timeout problem, making it necessary to download one of my chosen "newsgroups" at a time in order to have any hope of success.  This appears to be similar to the problem reported in

When downloading one group at a time, it takes an hour or longer, though it does complete without reporting any timeouts.  

The settings in Agent for the server (the Bridge at localhost) are to use binary search to sample by date, request compressed headers from server, and use XHDR instead of LISTGROUP when compression is on. I automatically download all new messages for the groups I follow

Is this an issue of the Bridge having problems interacting with the Forums, or Agent interacting with the Bridge? What must I do to get adequate performance?

Side question: Agent 6 supports basic rendering of HTML messages. I have the Bridge's checkbox for 'use plain/text converter' checked; is there a way to set it to either provide both text/plain and text/html inbound, or to not convert inbound (reading the forums), while still converting appropriately outbound (posting to the forums)?