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[feature-request] A (probably needed) feature

Jul 21, 2010 at 8:15 AM

Hi there, I've been using the "bridge" for quite a while now and it works quite well, I just think that there is a missing feature

At the moment, upon a fresh install, the bridge will have an empty newsgroups list and to prefetch the list you'll have to click the "prefetch" button, what I'm suggesting is to add code so that, when the bridge starts up, in case it doesn't find the "xml" file used to store the groups list (or in case it's corrupted) it should automatically start a fetch and regenerate the xml file; after that it should store inside the xml the current date/time and a checksum, the latter will then be used to check if the xml file is ok while the first (date/time) will be used to re-fetch the xml file at regular intervals, the new fetched data will then replace the current xml file

I'm asking this since, from time to time, the bridge seems to "forget" about some "groups" (ok, forums) and to solve the issue one needs to stop the bridge, manually delete the xml and re-download it using the prefetch button, so, using the approach described above may solve this issue and also ensure to always have a "fresh" list

Also, and since we're at it; upon first startup or in any case if the xml is missing, the bridge shouldn't listen for requests until it builds up the local list (xml), this won't affect the timed "refresh" since in that case the program will keep running using the previous xml data until the new list won't be in place and then, reload it on the fly