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General Whishlist/Improvements/Fixes

May 29, 2010 at 3:02 PM
Edited May 29, 2010 at 5:08 PM

Ok, maybe it's early to start a whishlist, but since this project seems to be evolving at a quite fast pace I think it may ok posting some "whish" and here's mine

  • Add a "status area" (a status bar would be fine too) to the GUI to show what the program is doing (e.g. "connection from" or "fetching article..." and the like, that would give a visual feedback about what the program is doing and may be helpful for debugging)
  • Change the error messages area so that one may copy/paste its contents (again, helpful for debugging issues)
  • Change the handling of the error related to not enabling the "use brigde" flag in profile; due to the splitting of forums, one may enable the flag only for (e.g.) some forums and not for others, so, if at least one of the flags was enabled, don't handle that as an error but as a warning and just emit/log some kind of reminder like "you didn't enable the use bridge flag for 'forum name'"
  • Add OutputDebugString() logging and a config option for logging level, that would allow to pick (e.g.) and use it to trace program operations in real time and will also help in tracking bugs since the resulting log will be easy to save and email even for a non-tech user
  • Change the "Archived-At" header to be RFC compliant and enclose the URL in angle brackets (<...>)
  • Add an internal timer to allow the program to refresh (re-fetch) in background the groups list at a given interval (which may even be days...) or in any case to check the groups count and, if it doesn't match the stored count, to refresh the list
  • Change the window "close button" (the "X" one) so that it will just minimize the program to tray (if such an option is selected) and add an "exit" button (or tray menu option)
  • Add a "check for updates" option :) given the pace at which the app is updated that would be quite useful imVVHo :D

ok... I suppose it's enough for now :) some stuff is really totally optional and uninportant, some other is IMHO a "todo" since it will make the app more usable